Monday, June 25, 2012

"Magic If" - Means and Ends

Ah! Here are some of the Magic If things that pave the way to your kind of College/University. From my point of view it is ONLY the first criteria that really REALLY matters. I have copied the following from an aid-giving university; but it holds true for all colleges as such.
    • The University seeks to enroll students who are intellectually curious, self-motivated and who have a clear sense of purpose.
    • The University students should be poised to embrace the mission of a residential, community-based liberal arts university and appreciate the value of learning in, and about, a diverse community and world.
    • Because the University maintains a focus on personal as well as academic development, our students should also be prepared to assume leadership positions and have the ability to balance a variety of academic and extracurricular commitments.
    • We also seek students who will increase the racial, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of our student body. 
    • Applications for admission are evaluated with a holistic approach, weighting heavily the rigor of secondary school curriculum, trend of achievement, final or predicted final examination results if available, and what we learn about students from letters of recommendation as well as the information they provide in their applications and personal statements. 

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