Sunday, July 29, 2012

Class Resumes from Tuesday / My Physical Condition

MY Leg Condition:
  1. Right femur (right below pelvic joint) shows a 'cyst' - detected benign. The cyst is healing but the outer wall of the bone has been 'thinned'. I had been advised to walk with extreme care.
  2. Left pelvic joint shows collection of serum/pus - indicating inflammation and infection - currently being treated with 4th generation Antibiotic, painkillers etc.
  3. The Diagnostic tests have already excluded - Arthritis, Kidney problem, lungs and liver 'erosion', 'heart disease' of the Cardiac type. However, I do know for certain that I suffer from certain amount of heart disease - the doctors will be unable to identify.
  4. Waiting to exclude TB and Psoriatic Arthritis
I regret to say that I will not take class tomorrow. I am improving as most of the Deadly Diseases that had been on the shelf had been excluded - except for a few lesser ones.

I would also like to assign Adnan to keep in touch with Mahmud - so that Mahmud is encouraged to send me reading reports. Adnan shall also answer some of the preliminary Questions that Mahmud has. I am sending Mahmud's email address to Adnan.

I want to RE-install classes from Tuesday and shall follow the following schedule.

Tuesday:       8.00 am to 11 am
Wednesday:  8.00 am to 11 am
Thursday:      8.00 am to 11 am

I want to make one of the above dates an 8 hour class - after consultation with all of you. 

I HOPE everyone is alright - and ready to go full-throttle from Tuesday.


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