Thursday, July 12, 2012

Liberal Feminism in Bangladesh

The following text appears in a report sent by Nahaz. Please note a very sharp observation on connection between Liberal Feminism and Bangladesh
"Feminism, as you have shown us has three main schools of thought, namely Liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, Socialist feminism and Radical feminism. Liberal feminists believe that women are deprived from emancipation due to individual ignorance. Every woman must stand up for her own rights. They believe that widespread awareness on women's rights, and the drive to overcome the social hurdles can help them achieve their goals. From my reading, I understand that most feminists and women's rights activists in our country base their practices on the principles of Liberal feminism."
"Marxist feminism and Socialist feminism have a lot in common. They believe economic inequality between males and females, and dependence of women on men has caused the social inequality. Marxists aim to end the differences by eliminating capitalism, which they believe is the root of economic inequality. Socialist feminists believe oppression must end by women decreasing dependence on men. They believe that apart from economic differences, professionalization social responsibilities on women such as motherhood and child-rearing have aided in taking women farther away from liberation. Radical feminists have an anti-male domination stance. They view patriarchy as the oppressive institution. Social reorganization is required to end oppression according to them.

Contributed by Nahaz.

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