Monday, July 23, 2012

No Class tomorrow - Tuesday

We will have no class tomorrow Tuesday.

However, on Wednesday I will take class from 8 am to 12 am. 

I will cover a large number of Critical Reading and Writing items.

Everyone is AGAIN requested to send me a minimum 15 min report. I will be greatly honored.

The following is a report after today's CLASS.

Today morning I went to the Anglophiles SAT class. There at first we were asked to tell the profession of an artist in a music video on a Rabindranath Tagore’s Dance Drama. At first glance we were all wrong. It showed how noncompetitive was our reasoning skills by watching something. But when you showed us and helped us to identify the trigger by which we can actually guess that "dancing man's" profession accurately one of our fellow class mates did identified that but that wasn't hundred percent correct though.

By that question and our initial response I came to conclusion that I do answer questions shallowly. And the remedy is to concentrate and work harder.

After that you showed us how to approach a Critical reading passage or a text. Our approach will made by three steps. These are:

1.        Place name Identification
2.       Identity of the person and profession
3.       Identity of the range of vocabulary (lexical field)

Later you showed us the rules to write an effective essay. You were giving importance in reporting in order to improve our writing and help us to write an excellent college essay.
Later you admonished us for not sending you reports regularly. You told us that we will be reporting and learning these new things for just two more weeks after that we will be doing only mock tests. But SATs are not everything in the Admissions and receiving Financial Aid in US colleges. As our goal is to get admission with financial aid we should improve our writing by reporting you about the reading items.

Now here is my report on Art movements and Cubism and I did it within 7 minutes. 
Wikipedia says that Art Movement is a tendency of art with a specific common philosophy or goal, followed by a group of artists in a period of time. Suddenly I saw a link of Cubism, which I went through. I found it interesting as this Cubism asks to analyze, break up and reassemble different types of objects around to have a better view of it.

But Sir I think it is needed when you are investigating a murder or scrutinizing an integrated circuit. You do not need to see your laptop in a cubist point of view to have a better understanding of it but you would need if it gets out of order to fix it.

So I think cubist images of something should be used to analyze it technically not visually. Do not you think the same way?

Really enjoyed doing this report in a short time.

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