Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is to be Done (An allusion to Chernishevsky’s revolution-time novel in Russian)

  1. You have to remind yourself constantly that SAT is not a Coursework – it is a lifestyle. Read something new every hour – see something new every day, try to LOCATE your new experience as you prepare for the next day.
  2. Finish the SAT I tests from Official SAT + Princeton 11 Tests + Barron’s SAT. If you are done with the tests then retake the tests for a second time.
  3. Carry a Note Book [this is your Log Book of Reading items] in which write down any thought comes to your mind.
  4. NEVER come to the SAT class without Heavy Breakfast or healthy Lunch.
  5. Use internet like a Professional Researcher. A good learner shall use the net for about 4 hours daily.
  6. Spend a time on the NET to read diverse reading items. Go to websites  such as + + + on a regular basis. Make it a daily business. 
  7. Whenever you have an Academic, Non-academic, existential question or otherwise – talk to me or email the query to the following address ––– The mails are treated as thoroughly confidential.
  8. If you do not mail me on a regular basis let me tell you straight – you are a shirker, and a deceiver. YOU are NOTHING. You may have excuses but your excuses SHALL fall flat on my ear. If your computer breaks down often, change the computer. If you do not have good net connection, then get yourself a Dial-Up Network or a Grameen Internet connection for just TK 300/- per month. For the next 4 months this is a very crucial investment.
  9. If you want to sit with me, PLEASE ask for an appointment over the net or through an SMS.
  10. Start working on the SAT II subject tests. Two subjects are enough – but 3 subjects are very good. You must work towards a perfect score of 800 in every SAT II subject tests.
  11.  Access the Admission page of any selected College or University. See what are the requirements for admission. Find out meanings of some terms such as – RD, ED, Need Based, EA, ED2, Certificate of Finance, Supplementary Essay, Why Essay, Graded Essay – do not get frightened by all these strange lingo.
  12. Become a FREE member of – this is the OFFICIAL site through you will later register. Please register as soon as you can – otherwise you may have to go to Chittagong. The cost of one SAT I test is US $ 82.00.
  13. You must give the first SAT I test on 6th October 2012. The result comes on the 20th October. You are STRONGLY advised to retake the test in December 2012.
  14. For SAT II you take the test only once. In this single sitting you have to score high.

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