Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Week of Class and Essay Theme

After doing regular classes with you for a week, I have discovered that I am now more comfortable with vocabulary and passages that presents twisted ideas. I am really glad to notice that my grip on the SAT passages are back again. I am now more comfortable with passages regarding art, music, colonialism, feminism, epistemology, behaviorism, science fiction, science etc. But just now I have encountered a passage in the new official SAT book test 2 section 4 that tells us about a trip to a place - I was a bit baffled by it. After I did it, I noticed a number of mistakes.

I guess these mistakes are due to the fact that I failed to relate it with the reading items and the discussions of our class. I hope that since - we will have more discussion classes, these sort of things will be clearer and easier. In today's class we discussed about a SAT passage that is sardonic towards the thinking process that people from different disciplines have. I found it interesting and I am planning to write my college essay based on theme of the passage that we discussed and the book "College what it was, what it is, what it Should be". I will write why I am going to college "not to why I am going to that specific college".

Another matter. Till today, I cannot present argumentative essay without a personal story attached to it. Now I know what I am inclined to present in my commonapp essay. I think I am suffering the writer's block here. 

I really enjoyed the vocabulary classes that I did in this week. I am definitely more comfortable with vocabulary now.

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