Urgent Notice for the Week

As we have already decided - our schedule will will as following:

  1. Monday: 2 Tests from 11 Princeton Tests [Total 8+ hours]  
  2. Tuesday: Review of the Princeton Tests [Bring Calculators], Essay Writing [Class Discussion Based]
  3. Wednesday: Writing Lecture [All Problem Solution],   Essay Writing [Class Discussion Based]
  4. Thursday: To be Decided
  5. Friday: [28th September]: Theatre at Shilpakala Academy 6.45 pm [Ticket 50 Taka] GUESTS welcome.
All students are requested to Practice Maths from SAT-II books and Princeton 11 Test Book.

All Students are requested NOT to engage in any School Transcript Hunting. We shall resume this right after the 6th October Sitting. 

All students are requested to review the Reading items they have already done and Reported.

This week I INTEND to use 2 genuine TEST papers [OVAL fill ups] this time. 2 MOCKs Fee 100/= 


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