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Student-Student Tate-a-tate Session - SATURDAY at 10 am

Dear All,

This is to confirm that there will be a student to student Tate-a-Tate session day after tomorrow.

Day - Saturday
Time - 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

All are requested to attend for this very important session. I hope that a few of our ALUMNI shall be there to respond to your queries.

Students are Strongly Requested to send me mails regarding our class on Wednesday and Test-session today - this is Mandatory for all.

Last Paris Post

Bon soir tout les monde.

This is my last Paris post.

We are going to have class on the Morning of Tuesday at 8.00 am. 

Au revoir.

Ratul's Post

Dear Sir, While going through some the student edited journals of Tufts and Georgetown, I have discovered that there are mere references to the works that the University is engaged in. Rather, issues regarding the world of that particular subject is more prominent. However, University archives do have more information to guide someone. 
In the mean time, I have finished most of reading items that I were supposed to do - except for Calcutta Chromosome
Sincerely, Ratul

Returning to Paris

Returning to Paris after a 4 day soujern to Lille, Callais, Nouvelle-eglise, and adajecent villages, walk in the woods and a renewed ROMANCE to live in Dhaka amidst sound, dust, and work. Tonight, shall start reading "Keep the Aspidistra Flying" - a poetic novel by George Orwell - telling the fate of an aspiring poet.

If anyone finds this post inviting - you can find it on the web.

Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Hello Everyone - From Lille, North of France

I hope you have been doing a few NEW tests from the OFFICIAL test book. You actually should not feel very lost about what you should do next. If you just go to our BLOG, you will find all sorts information about what to READ. You can click on the Books-Film-Theatre section of the blog and get the names. In addition - see what others are reading and get those online OR in print.

The Hartals actually make it very convenient for all of you to engage in reading, writing, thinking.

I am eagerly waiting for your LONG responses.

This post is actually a copy of email that I have sent to Rashif previously.

Extract from Maimuna's 4th Reading Report

Dear Sir,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I have finished reading another great novel by Orhan Pamuk, "The Museum of Innocence".  I had to read it entirely online because of so many consecutive strikes in the country, it was difficult to go out and buy the book. I am thankful to these strikes though, for allowing me time to finish this lengthy novel. Having read two books of this great writer Orhan Pamuk, there is one thing I can say for certain that, he is immensely talented in writing with the great skill of keeping his readers bound to his stories till its very end. It is because of his great writing and story-telling skill, I am now inspired to read more of not just his novels but other writers’ as well!
Maimuna T. Siddique

Send me your FINAL posts Immediately

Dear All,

Start sending me your working reports immediately after you read this. I have NOT received any reports from Avijit, Mashfique, Farzan, Shibli - so far.

I am right now in the middle of a God-forsaken part of the world - near the sea shores of North of France - on the opposite of Dover beach. I do not think that I intend to spend more than ONE more second than I need to.

Loves to everyone.

Student Re-union - 2013 Launching of SAT/GRE

This is to inform everyone that on a Student Re-union for Launching 2013 SAT / GRE Season has been planned.

Location:     Anglophiles [Rooftop] House 19, Road 12 [Old Road No. 31]
Date:          July 27, 2013 - Saturday
Time:           3.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Program:     Meeting with Alumni, Current students meet the Alumni, Q/A Session and informal talk with  the students of different US colleges and universities.

All new and old STUDENTS are welcome. Parents can drop and pick-up at their CONVENIENCE.Kindly confirm your presence by sending an SMS to my NUMBER or MAIL me.

ADDITIONAL Info on Theatre Performance:

On the 19th of July there will be a performance of Bertolt Brecht's play Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder [Mother Courage and her Children] in BENGALI by the students of 24th batch of Prachyanat School of Acting and Design. I want all the current and previous students to go to the SHILPAKALA Academy at 6.00 pm. 

Hello Everyone - our classes from 27 - 30 July

This is to inform everyone that I am languishing here waiting for the SECOND bout of writings and mails of your reading reports. I MUST also remind that from the 27th - 30th of July - we shall solely concentrate on discussion of the 7 fundamental reading items.

I shall also discuss the following things as part of the larger cycle.

The Big Questions [Link-]Language Truth Logic [] by A J Ayer I would also like all of you to watch MOST of the films listed on the BLOG. I will take an entire day to discuss the films. After I return I will have a 10 Hour Class on the any of the day between 27 and 30 July. Please be prepared for that. 
I will post the details of the classes on my next post.

Work Content Areas for ALL - Ramadan issue

Dear All,

I have been receiving a good number of mails. I will respond to these one by one. So, no worry. In the meantime I am writing to remind you all that it is very important to keep working on ALL four areas.

1. Vocabulary Revision 2. Novel Reading 3. Math Review 4. Reading Old BLOG posts.
Ramadan should NOT be an excuse for slowed PACE.

Students required to send Reading Reports

I hope everyone is fine. I am really busy with all the busy schedules. However I was expecting a large number of mails. Those are SLOW to come - but today I guess is the BIG day for the expected mails to arrive. Here is a LONG list of people who will be in touch with me.

Name Program Task Shibli Critical Writing Send works according to our preset schedule Ratul App Process / SAT According to our preset schedule Shorna App Process / SAT I will send the 3 drafts tomorrow. Send me your reading reports. Raidah App Process / SAT Writing Portfolio working speed is NOT – OK Amlan

Essay - Reading - Mail Reporting

Dear All,

You are requested to access the following url for reading essays. After reading each essay - you should also report your response/thoughts to me through emails.

Follow your Schedule strictly. I will make sure that each item is methodically followed.

Everyone should MAIL me every OTHER day - and keep me informed of their reading items.

Registration with Common App portal

Dear All,

Registration with Common App portal is very useful. You are all advised to create your FREE account. But you must wait until August 1 - any account created before that date will be deleted. In the meantime you can of course browse the portal for information regarding the Common App forms and the Supplement Forms of individual colleges.