Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello Everyone - our classes from 27 - 30 July

This is to inform everyone that I am languishing here waiting for the SECOND bout of writings and mails of your reading reports. I MUST also remind that from the 27th - 30th of July - we shall solely concentrate on discussion of the 7 fundamental reading items.

I shall also discuss the following things as part of the larger cycle.

  1. The Big Questions [Link-]
  2. Language Truth Logic [] by A J Ayer
I would also like all of you to watch MOST of the films listed on the BLOG. I will take an entire day to discuss the films. After I return I will have a 10 Hour Class on the any of the day between 27 and 30 July. Please be prepared for that. 

I will post the details of the classes on my next post. 

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Rafiul Azam, Tahsin Azad and Siam Ashraful took a full day that started with Byron and his poems. We read Byron, a little of Lorca as well....