Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Again - Metamorphosis

I have read reports on Metamorphosis so many times - and yet the interpretations still don't fail to attract me. Here is another one. 

I'm extremely sorry for not sending this earlier but due to ongoing exams at our school, I was forced to keep my reading assignments on hold. Nonetheless sir I have read the book The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka and this is what I have to say on the book.

Firstly the book gives the reader a sense of hopelessness and shows how someone who has done so much for another can suddenly become so useless to them when they can't continue on doing their work. The principal character in this book, Gregor Samsa works hard to provide for his family. For he had not missed work once in his fifteen year tenure. But one morning while trying to get up for work he notices that he can't because the structure of his body has changed, though not directly indicated what had become of him, we do get the idea that he has been transformed to a vermin of some sort. At first he couldn't move at all, but slowly begins to do so, and climbs the walls and ceilings when he does. Meanwhile, noticing Gregor hadn't come, His employer sends forth the Chief Clerk to investigate into the matter. This shows us how little trust existed between Gregor and his employer. The Chief Clerk, described by Gregor as a "spineless" man is sort of like a slave to the employer, abiding by his every command. When there the Chief Clark lets Gregor know that his position at the firm is unsecured and that he might be fired soon if he doesn't show up for work soon. Though Gregor does everything in his powers to win over the man it doesn't work and in-turn ends up ticking him over even further. This enrages Gregor's father who slams the door on him due to his anger.

Later we get to know how much Gregor has done for the family. How due to his fathers debt he has been forced to work that horrible job and how he has provided for his family in their time of need. But now completely transformed or hence metamorphosed, he can no longer continue to do so. Gregor's sister helps him out a lot but no one else comes close. Gregor's sister is a smart young woman of seventeen, aspiring to be a violinist, though it's more of a dream now than plan. Gregor's mother who hadn't seen him ever until his transformation finally sees him and faints when she does so. This enrages Gregor's dad who blames it all on Gregor. As the story progresses we get that Gregor begins having senses of futility. No longer being able to provide makes him very depressed and concerned. He's tensed as to where the family might now get the money from since he had been the one to provide and now can't die to his disability. He's relieved to hear his father talk about some savings the family has. All the while Gregor is still in his room all depressed and lonely.

The family begins thinking of ways to improve the finances which causes them to rent out a room in their apartment. To three gentlemen, the new tenants put a huge emphasis on cleanliness and tidiness. One day Grete plays the violin for them, though the gentlemen are not impressed by it, Gregor is mesmerized by his sister’s violin skills, but the gentlemen accidentally SPOTS Gregor, and they leave immediately without even paying rent. This causes the family to think that Gregor is more a burden to them than a help and asks him to leave them in peace, Gregor agrees and decides to rid himself from his family's presence and eventually dies a cold death in his room. Upon hearing the news of his death, Gregor's family become relieved so to speak. Which is very shameful considering hat he had done for them. Upon all this the family recognize the change in Grete and notice how she has matured (previously they thought of her as a useless child) and decide to move out of their current apartment and move into something a little smaller. They also decide to find a husband for Grete since she has now matured.


There are some other things I have to say in this book, I personally think the transformation of Gregor signifies the fact that it is a result of his spineless activities that he has done for years. The way he has not missed work and continually travels day in and day out and provides for his family without appreciation from them. I think it all relates to it in a way. Though at this point I'm not too sure of that


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