Monday, September 9, 2013

All Those that Were Flesh

It all started with a naive question from Ramisha - 'What's the meaning of CULT?' Well, I tried to give her an answer, but it also dragged me into an unnecessary and stray mentioning of 'Warfaze', a music band of the nineties. And then suddenly - it really went like an unnoticed BOMB going off ripping your unprepared body - I stammered Hassan, our heart throb in the early nineties. But that too passed off into oblivion. Started the era of INTERNET in the late nineties. But I could hardly forget Hassan.

Now Rashif is always there to ask the SMARTEST question - 'What is your most favorites?' I refrained. Then gave in - I dismissed all the big names but refused to name anything particular in return. Afterwards, Avijit said that .... [I forgot!] But then it all came back to me. Why not give Rashif and Avijit a good look at what I had been 'doing' in the last 15+ years of post-INTERNET life? Well, here are the links to two of my favourites in modern performance-singing.

  1. This first one is more than 9 minutes long. The first 5 min is the song and the rest of it is a performance POETRY. I'm Your Man 
  2. The second 'song' is full of ambiguity - a trade mark of Robert Cohen's song. Everybody Knows
I just had a semi-long discussion with Ishmam regarding the entire matter. Ishmam thinks that a song should be free of ALL politics. Well, when I asked him when can a song be political - he was quite clear. He believes that a song CAN be 'covertly political' if it is NOT about party politics and if it is for the GREATER good. For example, in 1971 there are several songs by Rabindranatha and Nazrul and others - one example is Tagore song "Aji bangladesher ridoy hote kokhon aponi" - these sort of songs that helped people in general uprising are perfectly alright - this is what Ishmam said. 

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