Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is a FIRST report sent by Sarah Sabin. It is very slightly edited to make it appear a bit more trim and attractive [a la Bollywood figure-code.]  Second report is coming.


I read the poem Dover Beach quite a number of times and each time I found the meaning of the entire poem and the lines changing to a certain level of precision.
I have, hence, ran research on certain phrases or words from the poem. I came to a conclusion about the meaning and then I have searched in Google for a complete analysis. But I did not read it too carefully, because I wanted to analyze it [the poem] myself and I wanted to see what I learn from the other students in the class when we discuss it. So, overall, I will have something ready to present to the class by Sunday. But while researching on the string theory it seems that it has a great deal of other factors of Physics related to it. I have to do some research on Quantum Physics and a few other theories to get to the bottom of all that has been floated recently and figure out how the idea of the string theory came into being. Hopefully, I will have everything ready by Sunday.

Sarah Sabin

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