Thursday, September 26, 2013

Those Who are Giving the Double-MOCK

The following GRID shows the working assignments of all SAT applicants this year. Those who are taking the Double-MOCK sessions are kept blank.

Shorna [double]
Rahul [double]
Oni [double]
Tahsin [double]
Ratul [double]
Avijit [double]
Rashif [double]
Faez [double]
Rafi [single MOCK]
Ramisha [single MOCK]
Daniel [single MOCK]
Raidah [single MOCK]
Farheen [single MOCK]
Ishmam [absent for School]
Wrikhesh [absent for School]
Sarah [absent for school]
Shoumma [absent for unknown reason]
Shabbir [absent for unknown reason]
Khairul [absent for unknown reason]
Sumatra [working on SAT-II at home]
Amlan [working on SAT-II at home]
Farhan [absent from KNOWN reason]

Here is the essay topic I gave for the 2nd MOCK.

Prompt: It is easy to make judgments about people and their actions when we do not know anything about their circumstances or what motivated them to take those actions. But we should look beyond a person's actions. When people do things that we consider outrageous, inconsiderate, or harmful, we should try to understand why they acted as they did.
Assignment: Is it important to try to understand people's motivations before judging their actions? 

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