Classes in HARTAL

This is our last working week before the November SAT exam. So, we are having classes during the Hartal days. If possible, do NOT miss these very Busy+Important+Mock days.

Hartal timing 8.30 am TO 2.00 pm.

Right now [Sunday Morning 10.21 am] only 8 of us are here working on MOCKS.

Oni [Nov SAT 2]
Daniel [Nov SAT I]
Ratul [Nov SAT 2]
Ishmum [Jan SAT I]
Sumatra [Working at home on SAT I - Vocabulary and then she starts Test from Princeton 11]
Rashif [Nov SAT 2] Working on Maths at Home
Raeesa [Nov SAT 2] Working on Maths + Literature
Tasin [Dec SAT 2] Physics

I also had a FULL Review of Financial Aid papers with Amlan's parent.


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