Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reports on 5 NOVELS/reading Items

The following reports, prepared by Rahul, are moderately OK. But the sentences are good-looking, with good command over multiple CLAUSES putting together. 

The story of the novel depicts the problems of the society and the shortcomings of any political system and how they are mere reflections of the problems of the human nature. The series of the events in the story progress in the form of an allegory, portraying a group of boys and their conflicts in the establishment of power, which they regard as necessary to the sustenance of law in the island they are present. Ralph, and his friend, Piggy comes to the island due to a shipwreck. They meet Jack and the Choirboys. At first they co exist in harmony as Ralph as their leader. However, Jack starts to envy Ralph and desires to be the leader. Thus, Jack and his group independently hunts for food. Boys from Ralph's group starts to move to Jack's group due to greater facilities of food and entertainment. At one point of conflict, Piggy, being the symbol of insight fullness, is killed by Jack. Then the group starts to chase Ralph, for he has no strong defense anymore. However, in his run, Ralph falls over and is rescued by a naval officer.

The story too depicts the problems of society and the effect human nature, or in this case, animal nature, has in corrupting the essence of hierarchy and power.It too is an allegory. At first the animals chase off  Farmer Jones, due to his neglect and tyranny. The animals then decide to create an order among themselves and exist in harmony. However, the establishment of hierarchy leads to a group of privileged and a group of deprived among the animals, whereby the pigs, who are supposed to do the thinking for the community, are the ones indulging in breaking the constitutional laws while the laborers among the animals continues to work hard and run the community without basic rights.
The story portrays the picture of people in a socially high class and their tendencies and behavior  and the loathing attitude of the protagonist, Alceste, towards such social phenomenon. Despite his hatred of such communities in a society, Alceste is in love with a person belonging to that same very class, Celiniene. However, the relationship ends bitterly at the end of the play, whereby Alceste realizes that marriage is not for him and he must renounce everything to escape from the tyranny of the evil human nature, for he loses a lawsuit; a dilemma caused by his own candid behavior. He feels that the truth has no place in the existence of such injustice of human rule and thus decides to run away from the people.

Willy Loman, the protagonist, is an ordinary american salesman, with an extra ordinary expectation from life, accompanied by a misguided conception of success.Married and the father of two boys, Willy Loman spends much of his time day dreaming about things that he desired; a world, he created, where he could see all things turning out fine, in accordance to his perception of success and happiness. Thus, reality comes to strike him greatly, causing him depression and frustration, where he feels deprived and lost in the midst of a competitive american society. He fails to recognize his true identity. Thus, at the end he kills himself in a car accident, after a conversation with his family.


Expelled from school, again, Holden Caulifield, finds himself in a turmoil, whereby he has to face the dilemma of informing his parents of his current problem. However, he chooses not to tell them, for this will buy him some time to be at peace. Thus, he immediately sets off to New York and stays in a hotel, to rest. After contacting and meeting a few people he knew, he went to his home to secretly see his sister. With his parents away from home, Holden peacefully talks with his sister. In the midst of the conversation his sister gets to know about his expulsion and warns him of the consequences and reactions of their parents. However, Holden expresses his view that he will not return home and find some work elsewhere. Later, on a different day, Holden asks her sister to see him before he sets off. However, when they meet his sister insists on going with him. At that time, Holden then decides to tell his sister that he is not going anywhere. Thus, they then return home and Holden stays there for some days, before being sent off to another boarding school.

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