Sunday, June 22, 2014

Launching 2014 SAT Classes - Brief Review of Last Year - Sans Statistics

Dear All,

We are all very happy to acknowledge that 2013 Application Season over, ANGLOPHILES is back on a new year ahead. From the year past - we have again gathered a HUGE amount of experience, a large number of anecdotes, some very refreshing works and definitely a significant rise in the number of Financial Aid to big places. It would NOT be out of place to record here that no less than 3  students with SSC and HSC background had been admitted to US colleges and universities with substantial aid. 

Currently, ANGLOPHILES is working with a moderate number of students who come from different schools in Dhaka. We will be joined by a couple of students from last year who appeared SAT exam, but did NOT apply - and those are the ones who will apply this year. 

Like all previous years - this year is not an exception either - students are found to be often misinformed about the Nature and Quantity of work that will be required for a good admission. One big area of misinformation is - when students are asked to think of a MAJOR - more often than not, they will be thinking of profession. It is hoped that informed adjustments are made in this regard. 
Fortunately, as we begin our SAT works, it is also the time of summer holiday. Therefore, bombarding the candidates with a grindinading Reading List should not be much of a trouble. 

As you will know, our next class is on Monday 3.00 pm, and on that day I hope to provide the ANGLOPHILES handbook to all of you. Apart from the regular SAT preparatory reading I have already started giving TALL Reading Lists to all of you. The "BIG READ" from yesterday is Sartre's Existentialism and Humanism. I also intend to spend the coming week on a series of lectures on Marxism, the Greek Philosophy and Political Philosophy of 17th and 18th Century Europe.

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