Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summary of TUESDAY Class - and a Lengthy Appendage

This is the first class I have taken AFTER I have re-Designed my working materials since 2012. There are several NEW aspects in the way we are going to do the classes. I will note down the changes first and then - list the fundamentals of our classes.

  1. Our classes will be more oriented towards PHILOSOPHY and Critical Thinking. In this way the basic change in the class will make it more similar with IB program's TOK (Theory of Knowledge).
  2. Classes are going to be more Research-oriented than ever before. But I must recall that ANGLOPHILES students had always worked on individual research concepts. 
  3. As the US Colleges are receiving 3 times more applications than they received 10 years. ago - the challenges are FAR greater than before. Our class will now put equal emphasis is on Reading and Writing. 
The most important aspect of ANGLOPHILES program had been on Reading and this year those work with me will reel under pressure.


Some of our students had been openly enumerating their academic feats in front of other students. In one case I have seen that one of our students had been 'Openly Hinting' at the big O and A level scores. I request everyone to refrain from such VULGAR practices - because such attitude will only REDUCE your chances of learning anything worthwhile and Completely Destroy your humbleness which will be needed for your "Intellectual Sophistication". If pushed too far (if this practice still goes unabated) - I will openly challenge those arrant student(s) in the class - she/he/they will only have one option left - defeat and moral humiliation.

I must also RECALL with great satisfaction - that during the 2013-2014 year - NONE of the students were accused of such puerile ATTITUDE.

It is hoped that everyone SHALL maintain this high standard of public behavior.

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