Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tomorrow (Thursday's) Class - Individual Assignments Reviewd

Tomorrow is Thursday. We have sort of ALL agreed that we will have our class at 9.00 am. I want to make this class last at least a few hours - may be till the lunch time. All the handouts (including the NEW one) have now been delivered and I hope to read a few pages together.

I have been assigning some individual works to the following students - you are all requested to send me individual reports by tonight. Failure to submit ASSIGNMENTS will result in "persecution".

Afsara - I was expecting enthusiastic after I have positively reviewed your report. No response.
Saiti - reading items - lukewarm response - I am becoming very wary of anything stronger very shortly.
Tasneem - Reading and Writing Assignments - no substantial response so far
Ahnaf - Research Paper (literature review and preliminary plan) - failed to submit anything in spite of repeated requests.
Rakibul - Specific reading assignments
Zareen - Specific reading assignments (so far NO reportage on the items - looks like a bad start)
Rafi - failed to submit quality report on Dialectic Materialism - had been reassigned the task - so far had not made any acknowledgement of the re-assignments.
Saikat - Had been sending reports - but volume and frequency has already gone down. Talk to me.
Anik - given reading assignments - not very enthusiastic response.


Will anyone DARE to read and interpret this story for us? The story is in Bangla - with a few sentences in Urdu.
Discovering Chandi Chawk (Delhi)

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