We Begin Tomorrow

It is rather embarrassing that NO post could be placed in the last 24 hours. However, today morning we had meeting with two in our SAT class - Irtija and Ishmum. They had been assigned with the following items:

Irtija: Moby Dick [Preferred reading from print]
Ishmum: Sophie's World [from Print!]
Tasneem: Anna Akhmatova [Although I have not met her in person, I have assigned her with readings of Akhmatova poetry - it is going to be linked with readings, RECORDINGS, voice-acting, based on further investigations into Richard Burton style.]

It is rather interesting that neither Irtija nor Ishmum could manage reading the above TWO Mandatory Readings last year. This year - it is their FIRST Priority. I must say that both are challenging read. Irtija had some very APPROVING Comments for SOphie's World - I wish I had some of his comments on the BLOG.

Interestingly, our session was later joined by Rumana Hayat - who came to seek ANGLOPHILES assistance for her upcoming GMAT exam. She did her bachelors from Dhaka and for the last 10 Years [!] had been working with Telenor in its HQ in Oslo, Norway. The session was a four-way discussion about everything regarding education, exams, exam-tips, life in a corporate world, PLAN for future, and a short discussion about Face Book [the fairer properties of which I have just started rediscovering.] I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

I will go to the class with a HUGE list of working-items - anyone is welcome - just make sure that you have made a Prior Declaration.

Special NOTE: I have chosen Richard in his sixties [Actor's Age] and Akhmatova in her late teens [Poet's Age] to represent their individual flair. 


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