Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We Begin Tomorrow

It is rather embarrassing that NO post could be placed in the last 24 hours. However, today morning we had meeting with two in our SAT class - Irtija and Ishmum. They had been assigned with the following items:

Irtija: Moby Dick [Preferred reading from print]
Ishmum: Sophie's World [from Print!]
Tasneem: Anna Akhmatova [Although I have not met her in person, I have assigned her with readings of Akhmatova poetry - it is going to be linked with readings, RECORDINGS, voice-acting, based on further investigations into Richard Burton style.]

It is rather interesting that neither Irtija nor Ishmum could manage reading the above TWO Mandatory Readings last year. This year - it is their FIRST Priority. I must say that both are challenging read. Irtija had some very APPROVING Comments for SOphie's World - I wish I had some of his comments on the BLOG.

Interestingly, our session was later joined by Rumana Hayat - who came to seek ANGLOPHILES assistance for her upcoming GMAT exam. She did her bachelors from Dhaka and for the last 10 Years [!] had been working with Telenor in its HQ in Oslo, Norway. The session was a four-way discussion about everything regarding education, exams, exam-tips, life in a corporate world, PLAN for future, and a short discussion about Face Book [the fairer properties of which I have just started rediscovering.] I thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

I will go to the class with a HUGE list of working-items - anyone is welcome - just make sure that you have made a Prior Declaration.

Special NOTE: I have chosen Richard in his sixties [Actor's Age] and Akhmatova in her late teens [Poet's Age] to represent their individual flair. 

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