Monday, July 21, 2014

What I am Doing Today - Monday

I have arrived in class at 9 today. I have asked most of you NOT to attend the class TODAY. I will be engaged in finalizing the following things.
  1. Finalize 1 Major essay along with and 2 supplementary essays for Nahla (who is haplessly roaming in and around in NY city, waiting for the draft.) She is to finish her essay by 22nd because her deadline for CA is on 23 - it is actually the deadline for all of us - after a week the CA will open the new online portal.
  2. Shibli's Research Paper concept development.
  3. Ahnaf - who has fallen far behind [I will, therefore, be working with him for the rest of the day for his SAT preparation.
  4. Ahnaf will work till 4 pm today for a start on Nadeem Aslam's Novel - The Blind Man's Garden. Ahnaf does NOT like the novel that much but - since the choice has been made, we can't escape it any longer. Ahnaf - now has a HUGE pending-items list with me. He also has to do SOMETHING on his Research Paper on his Extended Essay.
  5. Kaushik - has a SHORT pending-items list with me - he has to complete the Activity List - we have already finalized the items he will include in the CA portal. Kaushik will also give me a BIG feedback on his Common App Essay - the essay concept we had bee working on for the last 1 Month.
  6. I will also be working SOFTLY with others - Khairul, Rakib, Shreyoshi, and Prachi. 
  7. I will also be posting a few more things today - so that ALL of you know what is [or will be] going on at the class. 
  8. I am yet to choose the RIGHT person to work with - although 2 of the students who are enrolled for the Application Process had been trying to woo me to give them attention and go for the BIG start. However, I am still unconvinced with the level of motivation.
  9. I had just seen an assignment completed by Zereen - who had worked on the FILM Page3 and produced a paper - am happy that at least someone from the class did something to satisfy herself - not to satisfy ME.
  10. Keep returning to the BLOG today several times for more relevant comments and observations.

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