Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Yesterday Once More"

Thank you everyone - all of you who couldn't come and send me a word of wish and those who attended and made yesterday (Saturday, 12th July) a day to remember. We were very very happy to have Salman Habib (Elezabethtown), Humaira Anjumi (Mount Holyoke), Samira Manzur (Tufts), Lamia (McDaniel) as our returnee students. Later we were briefly visited by Abdullah (Oregon S. U.).

It was indeed a day for me, personally. I had the opportunity to see (almost) all the students of 2013-14 session - those who will be leaving soon and those who are 'stranded' for a while until next session. I had a final word with those who will be leaving in the next few weeks - it was a great time working/collaborating with you all - Daniel (Earlham), Faez (Wabash), Raeesa (Mt. Holyoke), Rahul (Wooster), Raidah (Mt. Holyoke), Ratul (WPI), Shabbir (Wooster), Shorna (Mt. Holyoke), Sumatra (Mt. Holyoke), Tamanna (Lawrence), Tasin (Elizabethtown) - thank you all so very much.

I want to dedicate the following recitation to all of you, who had graced Anglophiles in the last 17 years:

Ami Chanchal He - Debobroto Bishwas

So, Godspeed.

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