Thursday, August 21, 2014

2 Short Notes by 2 Students

First one is by Ahnaf and the second one is Rakibul:
  1. I was at Hyderabad for Harvard MUN which I had already registered for last year. It has been a major learning experience as I was a delegate to the disarmament and security council which has allowed for knowledge in the social humanities field to grow which I feel is crucial for the essays. Also it was quite interactive as we were chaired by Harvard students who gave us insights similar to ones by Anglophiles alumni in Dhaka.
  2. I have read The Paper Boys, continued with River of Smoke, read Philosophy of Physics: A very short introduction (Oxford University Press) as well as practiced maths and physics for my A2 course. The most important thing is that I did 2 to 3 tasks simultaneously at a time and I have figured out that this multitasking which I have practiced for the past few days introduced me to a very interesting ability. I have developed the ability to read faster than before. I just move my eyes through the text and note down some words and phrases that appeal to me in my mind and I concentrate on the parts which I felt to be summaries of the paragraphs. In this way I am being able to read the items at a quicker rate as well as devour as much information as I can. Though this is not giving me a wide information on the topics I am reading this is allowing me to finish a lager amount of tasks than before.

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