Monday, August 25, 2014

A Mail Delivered


How are you doing? I hope you aren't already worn out of the rigorous application process. I am doing great here, Wabash is absolutely amazing. The resources available to the students here are unimaginable, if we had those resources during our applications I'm pretty sure a few of our class could have easily gotten in to Ivy Leagues - if not all. 

I have recently found out about a 3/2 program here. This program requires students to finish a major and a minor here at Wabash in 3 years - although not all the prerequisites for graduation - and then moving to Columbia University for another degree. So, it is basically a dual degree, so I was hoping I would major in Econ and Minor in Computer Science or something from Wabash and move on to Columbia and get another degree in Financial Engineering. So basically, I'll have two degrees from two different universities. It is a great opportunity if one can make it in the first place, but there is a requirement to it, I will have to keep my GPA above 3.3 throughout these three years to guarantee admission to Columbia. 

I was very reluctant to apply to Wabash - to be honest - to begin with, but now that I am beginning to discover the career opportunities here I am absolutely amazed. Moreover, most of the international students here scored more than 2000 in their SATS, they have amazing grades in high school too, which once again proves that Anglophiles is the only reason I'm here today. University application essays can do all sorts of wonders to one's application, and in no way are grades that important. 

I will keep you updated on more things sir. I cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for me. I will forever be indebted to you sir, if I had to do the application and SAT process again with the same people, honestly, I would most definitely do it again, although I wouldn't be up for the pre-rejection phase - waking up in the middle of the night to check the e-mail and anticipating an acceptance - which was the worst wait in the world, also having that sense of uncertainty at the back of my head. If there was a way to just attend your lectures, to have that magical experiences again, I swear I would do anything just to be there and sit throughout your class.  

Best regards,

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