Monday, August 4, 2014

A Pile of Mails at my Inbox

I have a pile of unanswered mails. In the meantime I want ALL of you - EVERY One of you to send me further mails based on readings posted on this BLOG in the last ONE Week.

Those who have sent me mails are - 
  1. Shoumma
  2. Ahsanul Kabir - Metamorphosis [so, so quality]; have been sending me at least 3 separate mails based on his readings of Robert Grave - I have already mailed him about this. 
  3. Sumik Ahmed
  4. Prachy Mahbub - have sent a large number of mails covering diverse topics - impressive volume and content. 
  5. Saiti - a very well drafted submission on Ek-din-achanak.
  6. Rafiuzzman - too much of 'will do' kind of mails. Too little of volume 
  7. Saikat - Doing very good in terms of consistency in sending mails. However, I have already told him that it is time that he starts working on BIG Ideas!
  8. Afsara - sent a report on Behaviorism and Nuroscience. Not very inspired OR Ambitious in her approach. Later she sent a report on Feminism - again I find the report long but UN-inspired.
  9.  Tapojit - took too MUCH of Literality of my suggestion that reports can be based on one's own thoughts. NOW what he has done this time is just MADNESS - bringing Nazi and Germans in his discussion of Dorian Grey - where the novel hardly features. SAD that one should do such outrageousness to oneself. In frustration, I have forwarded a writing REPORT submitted by one of our students to Tapojit.
  10. Adib - Your report on Behaviourism is hardly anything other than some NAME-dropping. Strangely, the report on FEMINISM was much more articulate and based on personal response about feminism and its ideals. Report on Neuroscience is again mediocre. No additional research done - no convept building how this could be linked with modern day developments in science and technology. 
  11. Istiak - report on Metamorphosis is outrageously SLIM. It seems he is now ready for a RED Day with me - so much of lack of motivation!
  12. Zeenat - wrote her first report on Catcher in the Rye - one of the ICONIC novels that came out about American youth. 
  13. Rakeen - reported on Manifesto of Communist Party - looks very good - but my concern is that WILL this rudimentary interest in the text will develop into a full-fledged interrogation of the political ideology of the west in the last 150 years? The writing does NOT show such a HUGE promise.
  14. THOSE who did NOT send me any substantial report in the last few 24 hours are:
  • Tasneem - ?
  • Raisa - never sent me a report of even moderate quality [I will make sure she does, next time]
  • Marisha - ?
  • Ajmaeen - ? 
  • Rakibul - ?

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