Battle Strategies: Three Stages

In the first five/six weeks, I went ahead with full 'blitzkrieg'-style offense. It ended in self-injury. In the second wave, I used a sly policy - I suddenly became friendlier, more accessible, more softer version of a person who is easily manipulable - but this strategy failed too BECAUSE most of the research interests I have tried to instill into your minds - did NOT produce any results. Is there any exception? NO.

Therefore, I took the last available course - the same thing that a wounded soldier does in the battlefield - I am now on the run for a retreat. But at the same time I am aware that I have to save my skin from future accusations of FAILURE - therefore, I will SECRETLY make my choice of 3 - I want to make sure that these 3 will get good admission to TOP Colleges.

However, there is still a segment left - a kind of "hope beyond of all hope" - a case of hopeless optimism.


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