Sunday, August 3, 2014

Brace Yourself + The Saturday Class - New Yorker Review + Writing Problems + Tasks for this week

We had a very significant class yesterday - this is probably ONE day of class that I myself have thoroughly enjoyed [until of course someone sent me a mail in the evening that finally RUINED this feeling.] In spite of this, what I 'felt' yesterday is something like this - that the students are getting INTO the things that I tried to say in the last few weeks.

This is also to inform that in 2014-2015 ANGLOPHIES had the highest number of Alumni-meetings and yet I do not see any real-time-engagement on the students. However, I must admit that I can see the changes coming - although in a very SLOW manner. Even this SLOW progress show "a little light at the end of the tunnel." There are few students who are sending me more mails than they would usually do. I encourage 'those you' to send reports EVERY DAY.

Today SUNDAY, as I am writing this post Rashif and Abhijeet are taking a CLASS on SAT-I, SAT-II covering everything from Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. Rashif and Abhijeet have also spoken extensively about the challenges of writing Winning Essays to colleges. In fact I feel that they are taking a VERY Effective Class. Abhejeet and Rashif has assigned the following works with TIME-slots:
  1. Today by 4 pm: The topics [Page 2] from the page titled "Addressed to SAT Students" - read and report.
  2. Read Metamorphosis, Stranger, Heart of Darkness - report by 2 am today night.
  3. From tomorrow: Read and report Sophie'e World in 3 Days. Report every 3 hours. [They both suggested that students should only be allowed to enter the class AFTER they finish the book. This suggestion gave me a feeling of HORROR - as I know that the next class will be EMPTY.]
  4. Read and REPORT the novel The Great Gatsby in the following 3 days.
  5. Finish ONE SAT MOCK by the end of this week - report the mock through a mail - you need NOT have any preparation. 
Our CLASS Spirit is going to change from this week - therefore, brace yourself. 

P.S. I have requested one of the students to leave the class and NEVER to return to the class because he is habitually late and today was no exception. Our today's class was attended by the following students: Afsara, Prachi, Swati, Rakeen, Rafi, Azmaeen, Abhijeet, and Rashif.

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  1. Sir, I wasn't present in class today. You must have put my name in the post by an oversight.


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