Tagore's Dance Drama and Neo-liberalist Resistance - few MORE tasks

The other day we were discussing a possible link between a retrograde connection between Tagore and Neo-liberalism. My line of argument was based on Tagore's insistence on ecstatic and passionate living through the first few lines of his "চন্ডালিনী" where the yogurt-seller depicts a life in pastoral happiness - more in line with the Virgil's (Roman) Georgics. I asked Afsara to access these on-line and keep working on other related matters.

I have also been asking everyone to follow the compilation of works assigned in the last one month (previous to this current week). The compilation was done by Oni, from who I had been expecting to see a large amount of reports - which are yet to arrive.

Yesterday TUESDAY, we worked on a whole range of issues with Rakeen, Rakibul, Abhijeet, Rafi, Ishmum, Tapojit, Oni, Abhijeet. Today, I will be sitting with only Kaushik and Saikat. 


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