Today and Yesterday - Philosophy and Wuthering Heights

A huge difference. I feel like working a "Wheel of Fire", a phrase G. Wilson Knight to describe King Lear's understanding of pain and suffering.

I have worked with a large number of people today, none any impressive - Tapojit, Ishmum, Rakeen, Rakibul, Afsara, Tasneem, Adib, Saiti, Rashif, Abhijeet, Zeenat, Raisa, Wrikhesh. You are requested to work on the following Mandatory Reading Items:
  1. Problems of Philosophy [link here Russell's "Problems" ]
  2. Wuthering Heights [link here Wuthering Heights ]
Today I will also post all necessary items that Adib will work on in the next 3 weeks. Everyone else should follow the same. But again, here is a synopsis of Russells's Problems -

Click the link - Russell's Problems Simplified

And a very interesting article that you'll have to read alongside Metamorphosis. 

Click the link - The Paper Boys 


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