Saturday, August 23, 2014

Seminar Mini-Review & Class Timing for Monday

I have to begin the class at 8.00 am and end at 12.30 pm. There will be a lot of work tomorrow. However, I specifically want to work with those who have NOT met me in the last 5 days.

Please notify me your attendance through emails OR sms.

Following is a short review of my assessment of the discussions that was generated in the Seminar in the 22nd and 23rd August. The text has been prepared by Saiti.

  • Every activity, every human endeavor, every private and collective dream and personal dream ( sub conscious repressed wishes) have been reduced to nothing but fodder for the marketplace. The problem is NOT that the marketplace has become quintessentially the singular denominator (demon) of our acts and wishes and visions - but that, this market exists by means of exclusionary method ( for example, the concept of private property, corporate ownership, market dominance etc) that can only be understood as a series of privileges allowed only to a few select dehumanized organizations controlled by humans trained into a cult of ruthlessness.

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