Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Washing Cups - Wash Person (WP) - "Washing, Rinsing, Arranging"

Cup-washing has become a sort of ritualistic here at Anglophiles. Last year, in an incident the wash-person was so overwhelmed by this offer of 'washing' that he failed to arrange the CUPS in an order that takes a huge amount of facts-possibilities-outcomes. The wash-person would later become one of the best 'server' - I tried with WP's skill and was satisfied. This has happed in so many ways to so many of you - I just wish you did NOT miss the point of "washing, rinsing, and arranging." The following mail (a little shortened) is from Inzamum (Sydney), who sent it just yesterday.  

I usually have some spare time in the weekend. Last time, six of us had been to Clayton beach. Usually, after Friday we go to some Iraqi, Lebanese or Arabian restaurant to celebrate the end of the tiring week. And every weekend I go to my uncle's house and bring containers filled with food, which relieves me from cooking for two next days. About the application, I think we have got to complete the personal statement for UCAS. My exam will be over by 10th November and I think we need to complete it earlier if we go for ED. So I think it's better if I write the drafts and email you for feedback.

I miss washing cups with Kaushik – although I do it much more everyday here.

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