Work LIST for the next 3 Days

List of work for four days (8Th to 12th) – Reports to be submitted by the 12th

Reading Items:
§  Moby Dick – Herman Melville [mandatory]
§  Hungry Tides (Amitabh Ghosh) /Lowland (Jhumpa Lahiri) [either of the two]
§  Museum of Innocence (Orhan Pamuk) – MANDATORY [Pirated books available in Nilkhet]
§  Nagib Mahfuz – Everything about the author and all his work (especially on Cairo, Egypt)
§  Snow Country – Yasunari Kawabata [online PDF available]
§  How to become a Man of Genius – Bertrand Russell
§  A Modest Proposal – Jonathan Swift
§  Unknown Citizen – Auden (poem)
§  To his Coy Mistress – Marvell (poem)
§  The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock – T. S. Eliot (poem)

[এগুলো সত্যজিত রায় এর ছবি]

-         অরণ্যের দিনরাত্রি  
-         চারুলতা   
-         মহানগর


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