Works Assigned in the last ONE Month (Compiled by Hasan Irtiza)

July 10
Dr. Zhivago and Sunflower
“Private life is dead”

July 21
What Matters ?

July 28
River of Smoke (assigned to Rakibul)

July 30
Irtija: Moby Dick
Ishmum: Sophie’s World
Tasneem: Anna Akhmatova (Russian Poet)

July 31
Picture of Dorian Gray
Colonial Enlightenments
Manifesto of Communist Party

August 1
Zia Haider in NYR

August 3
Heart of Darkness
Sophie’s World

August 9
Work List/ Reading Items:
Moby Dick
Hungry Tides
Museum of Innocence
Nagib Mahfuz
How to become a Man of Genius
Poem – An Unknown Citizen / To his Coy Mistress / The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

August 16
Problems of Philosophy
Wuthering Heights

August 17
My Antonia
Ancient Greece


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