Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Simple Strong and Confident Report - Shafat Jamil

This is Shafat's second report in a row. I am just surprised how innocent and sharp comments these are - and how truthful they look when I read this. Many of you who ask - "What is the best way to report?" - well, here in another good sample.


The story started describing their childhood; as most novels do. How Jim and Antonia met while they traveled to Nebraska first. One who reads it will get a nice image of the time the story is from. I find the story quite similar to our society. Not much has changed since. People travel from one place to another place just to earn more money and if somehow the father of that family passes out then the overall family depend on the elder son or daughter they have. I admire Antonia, even if she is a little girl she took the responsibility without any hesitation. She was no less than any men. Day by day she grew stronger and more confident. It was the self-esteem and the self-respect that made her carry out her family from the rigorous poverty. After she was left with her child she didn’t for a moment lost confidence in herself. She proceeded whatever the consequence was and at last got what she always wished for. There are so many things we can learn from this piece of story. Life can change significantly any moment without any given signal but we should not get depressed. Our sorrow should never let us down but rather give us the strength to grow up to do what our heart tells us to do. Life is not only about working hard and studying, it’s also about how much we care for our friends and family. How we spend time with them because at the end, the only thing, we will remember is the pastime that we had with our loved ones.

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