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Following report on POEMS is full of Errors

The errors range from defective sequence of sentences, a dropped punctuation, and TYPO. However, it was very spontaneous and I liked the report for its spontaneity. I specifically want all the Attendees who will join me after 9.00 am to read this and send their comments on the REPORT. The Writer's name remain undisclosed. 

Dear Sir,

I read Ode to Nightingale today. I believe Keats was in a state of depression when he wrote this or maybe he had just woken up from a restless sleep full of bad dreams to hear the beautiful and everlasting singing of the nightingale. He compares his state of mind to being drugged or maybe poisoned by hemlock or maybe drowning in the river of the underworld.To Keats the sound is so very magical and immortal,so detached from the horrible disease and death in the real world that he permanently wishes to live in that dream world where only the beautiful things of the world exist. Even if that means he has to die he is willing to go away to the world where no sorrow exist,he says what is the use of living in such a sad miserable world where there is only disease and death. But he did not perhaps want to live in the nightingales world because he was miserable,rather he wanted to leave because it would be worthwhile to live forever in a beautiful place unmarred by sadness.He was perhaps thinking about his brother Tom or maybe,being a surgeon,he had already noticed that he was also showing signs of the then deathly disease. In the last stanza he seems to snap out of his drowsiness or depression and allows that he cannot hear the nightingale forever for it is a bird and will always fly away but in the last line he is still confused about which path he ought to take,the imaginary world filled with only the beautiful things or the harsh reality he is living in. Throughout the poem he describes his fantasy world and says how the natural things in life always exists like the beautiful singing of a bird or the bright colours of flowers;perhaps that particular flower ir bird will not exist but their idea and their qualities will always exist. But i think that eveb though he says that it is worthwhile to leave cause of the beauty of the birds singing ,i think he wanted a way out of the miserable life he lived where his loved ones had died and he was not a success and most importantly,where he could not be with the woman he loved because he did not have the financial means to support her.

I also read Ode to Psyche which is perhaps a romantic poem and which was more cheerful than ode to nightingale. The speaker is a man who is describing the wonderful love of Psyche and Cupid/Eros,the son of Aphrodite who is the goddess of love. Psyche is a moryal who is so beautiful that Aphrodite becomes jealous and sends her son to make Psyche fall in love with  an ugly man. Cupid accidentally hits himself with one of his arrows and falls madly in love with Psyche. He makes her his wife and only comes to her at night and warns her that she should not try to see his face. One day she lights a candle to see his face for her sisters had tempted her and accidently gets hit by one of Cupids arrows and in turn falls madly in love with him. Cupid,angry that she did not listen to him leaves her and she vows to do whatever required to win him back. She goes to Aphrodite who sets her seemingly impossible tasks but Psyche completes them all with the help of people around her and all the Gods. Jupiter,king of all the gods, feeds her the food of the gods thereby making her immortal and in turm making Psyche and Cupids love immortal. The speaker says that he sees the two lovers and is mesmerised by them. He describes the fantastic beauty of Psyche and says that because she is a new goddess she has no temple and no followers or priests to pray to her. But after seeing her and Cupid he says that he will make a temple for her and he will be a priest and will forever pray to her. Keats was probably depressed about how he could not be with his love,Fanny Brawne and wrote this poem which described his dreams of what his and Fannys love could have been. There is a lot of talk about immortal love and living forever which makes me think that he is perhaps thinking about how if he lived and if he had the means,he could be with Fanny forever and their love would always exist. This poem describes the immense passion he had for Fanny for he had written a letter to her which is so emotional and passionate just like this poem. He said in his letter that it always surprised him that men could die martyrs for their religion but after Fanny came into his life and he fell in love ,his love became his religion and he could gladly die a martyr for his love,his religion. It is a beautiful poem filled with descriptions of Psyches beauty which is probably the thoughts he had about Fannys beauty and it has a lot of descriptions of lush meadows and nature. This is probably keats dream of the place where he would like to live with Fanny.

I also read three poems by W B Yeats. Politics,man and the echo and the circus animals desertion. All three are deeply unsettling poems and I felt like Yeats was sort of mocking himself and his life through these poems. I guess he just was not satisfied and I think he showed remorse about the fact that he was not a loyal husband even though his wife did not mind for in one lette she wrote that after his death people would talk about his live affairs but she will say nothing because she will remember how proud he was. But it probably did not comfort him in his last days for he totally shredded his ego to pieces by writing these poems which all appeared in The Atlantic in 1939 the month the poet died.
In The Circus Animals Desertion he mocks his entire litetary career which i find quite interesting because it means that he did not fulfill that which he set out to do when he chose a path of literary excellence. 'My circus animals were all on show' he says which means that according to him,he could not fulfill his wishes,his visions. In the end he says,'Now that my ladders gone,i must lie down where all the ladders start. In the foul rag and bone shop of the heart.' I think by ladder he meant his vision which he lost and now he had to go to the place where he found his vision in the first place ; in the 'foul rag' and 'bone shop' whete there is only broken and hideous things. I think he got sidetracked by taking such an interest in things like politics and mystical beliefs. I also think he was foolish to spend his time as a sexual deviant but then again who am i to judge him,i have not as yet made my mark in this world. The poem 'politics' is all about his sexual experiences which is both talked about and scandalous. He describes himself as a pathetic old man giving in to common lust for young beautiful women which was quite true as he spent his last decade carrying on with women half his age. In the 'Man and the Echo' he talks about his role in the Easter rising and he describes the immense guilt he feels which keeps him up at night. He asks if he had been a bit more compassionate and understanding ,he could have prevented the rising. And he says that it all seems evil until he dies and his echo ,as he stands by the cliff, advises him to lay down and die which gives us an understanding of how immensely guilty he felt that he felt like dying and leaving his guilt behind in the material world. He was so very depressed and guilty during his deathbed years that he became interested in Vedanta,which is an Indian philosophy that teaches that the whole world is an illusion. I guess i can understand why the thought appealed to him. If the whole world was an illusion then so were his actions which would make him not guilty. He lost his grip on what was real and what was an illusion as his death approached. W H Auden said after his mentor and friend died ,"let the Irish vessel lie,emptied of its poetry."
I also read Yeats' poem 'The Rose' which is a romantic poet that describes the beauty if Maud Gonne. He likens her to Helen of Troy saying that she has the sort of beauty which could inspire men to wage war for ,which could cause destruction between nations.  This can also be taken in a literal way as Maud Gonne was a fierce Nationalist and the strife between England and Ireland could be described by this.He did  not believe the cliche that ' beauty passes like a dream' and said that  Maud Gonnes lovely face will live on even after the dream,the human life passes by.He says that she is a being that existed alongside God and angels bowed down to her and the world and all the beautiful things in it were created for her to tread on. This i think  is very weird because he lost interest in the woman ,he wrote such a lovely poem for,as soon as they consummated their relationship. Maybe he just got tired after all her rejections .

This is all that i did till now. I am sorry sir that i could not do all of it because i had internet problems at home and i had to go to a cyber cafe to do all that i did. I have talked to the internet people and i will have a new broadband line connected within two days but dont worry. You shall receive the rest of my report in poetry by today.



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