Foucault Today - Those who should meet me tomorrow at 7.30 am

Thank you all who attended Foucault today (for the sake of keeping records, this was only the 3rd lecture this season so far) - I would also like to appreciate those who continued till 3.30 pm today and worked on the following:

  1. Ode to Grecian Urn
  2. Keep the Aspidistra Flying (A Novel)
  3. Howard's End (A Novel)
  4. When We Dead Awaken (A Play)
You are also advised to access the following materials for further clarifications on Foucault.
  1. History of Sexuality
  2. Utopias and Heterotopias
  3. Las Meninas
  4. Foucault Site
I am also including a cover of Stylist that holds MM reading from a 1st edition of James Joyce's novel Ulysses - generally agreed to be the most talked about Fiction of 20th century. How would Foucault read MM reading Ulysses?

Tomorrow morning I will work with the following - Saikat, Shibli, Rakeen, Abhijeet, Sowmma, Saiti, Raisa, Shabbir, Tapojit, Shafar, Ishmum, Afsara, Adib.

If any one of you is unable to attend (we work till 1.00 pm), please notify through an email. Class starts at 7.30 am.


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