Report Immediately of your State

Following people are required to report immediately about their work progress:
Afsara [I just received a report last night - not much is in my knowledge]
Raeesa [your research proposal does NOT sound very attractive to me]
Rakibul [come up with something more solid - something through which you can reveal your writing skill]
Fahim [I am yet to receive a solid Plan-of-action from you]
Tapojit [Send me something that will show that you are creative - also expecting a research paper]
Abhijeet [Must send info based on our last-night's conversation]
Khairul [Not yet convinced that you can produce research proposal]
Saiti [Kno Khobor Nai]
Zereen [Slowed down - alarming sign]

Saikat [MUST send me PS 1st draft and at least 2 Reading Report]
Zeenat [MUST send me more reading report]

Grid Sample [Please use MS Word Format]:

Name & Deadline
Comment on Program
Supp Essays / Requirements


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