Monday, September 1, 2014

Thank you প্রাচী

Today I was inspired by প্রাচী to look for a few items by four Greats - Rumi, Albiruni, Hafiz, and the inescapable Omar Khaiyam. For Omar Khaiyam's রুবাইয়াত you could easily go to MIT's site and find an eye-soothing version. But for the REAL connoisseur, there are TWO more versions - one that dates back to 1909 from a London Press, and the other looks rather DRY - this third version is most DEAR to my taste.

  1. Rubaiyat - from MIT Classics Online
  2. Original Early 20th C. Edition
  3. My Favorite Version 
I have also asked প্রাচী to go through Rumi, Hafiz, and Alviruni - GIANTS of medieval time and makers of modern mind.  

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