This is a FINAL Call for submitting Reading Reports - SAT Mocks 7 DAYS

In spite of repeated requests some on the students of 2014-2015 session have NOT been submitting reading reports. Although I have stopped giving NEW assignments - it is expected that you should submit EVERY Reading Items that were assigned in the last 3 months.

This is also to announce that those who fail to submit Substantial Amount of reading reports in the next 4 working days (including today) - their parents will be called and I will submit a FULL picture of their performance. ALL the parents will be Called Together - so that I face them together on ONE Single Session. It is also interesting to note NONE of the girls has failed to submit required amount of reports - so, I take this opportunity to express my satisfaction. Of the boys - only 3 persons had been mailing me their works regularly.

I must add - that among those who does not read and report - there are 3 people at least who NEVER sent me anything worth reading. I will deal with them in a most RUTHLESS manner.

EVERYONE should also send me a plan for their 3/4 days work ahead. From 28th Sept (Sunday) to 4th October (Saturday) - anglophiles shall conduct SAT Exam sessions. Each exam will include writing of 2 page essays.


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