Sunday, September 21, 2014

Work Schedule for Next TWO days - Monday & Tuesday

Note: This is an important mail regarding our work schedule for Monday + Tuesday. 
  1. I will be visiting a few Ethnic Communities as a preparation for writing a stage play. My play will be based on a Free-adaptation of Irish Playwright Brian Friel's play TRANSLATIONS. I had been teaching this play to A Level Literature Students for about the last 3 or 4 years - therefore this makes a special occasion to recall those who attended my classes during this time. The classes have definitely improved my own understanding of the play by one of the foremost playwrights of 20th century.  
  2. As a result of my visit to ethnic community, I will NOT take classes on Wednesday + Thursday + Friday = 3 days. 
  3. Therefore, I will assign you with works tomorrow [Monday] and the day after [Tuesday] according to the following schedule.  
  1. Those who wish to attend tomorrow should arrive at 9.00 am and stay till 12 pm.
  2. Shall assign individual tasks for the next FIVE days.
  3. Those who arrive at 12 pm shall continue till 3.00 pm
  4. Shabbir is meeting me at 7.30 am. 
  5. Samiha has an appointment at 3.00 pm
  6. Ishmum will arrive at 10 - to discuss his progress with Paper. Need 30 min for this. Have been doing articles from Past & Present.
  7. I want to see Khairul, Rafiuzzaman, Rakibul, and Tapojit at 12 pm - if possible. Can you please confirm if you all shall arrive at 12 tomorrow?
  8. I want to meet Ritwik at 12 pm or even better at 3.00 pm. Can you please confirm?
  9. I have also been told that Fahim will come in the morning. I have instructed you on the WRITING part from - Stressbook, Resourcebook, AND SAT 2400.
  10. Silmee - please confirm whether you are coming at 12 pm or 3.00 pm. I prefer 3.00-5.00 pm slot as only Samiha will be here at that time. 
  11. Saiti & Raisa - both of you can see me at any given time - 9.00/12.00/3.00 - just confirm. And I have asked Raisa to send me reading reports on Philosophical Items. Saiti, have you sent me anything on Philosophy?
  12. Sowmma - I want you to arrive at 12.00 pm
  13. Era and Rakeen will be absent tomorrow - but we are meeting on Tuesday morning. 
  14. Prachy - I really want to see you tomorrow - any time really! And I thoroughly enjoyed your report on Rape of the Lock. But then why not send more such good stuff?
  15. Shibli is also coming at 9.00 am. You are requested to send me MY questionnaire regarding work-plan AND your written responses. Talking with the Anthropologist will not be possible as she is very busy with her faculty works right now. I also do NOT think that your paper goes in any direction to require a meeting with someone like her at this stage. 
  16. Shafat will be working with me for his upcoming SAT-II subjects on Oct 11th. 
  17. Ahsanul Kabir - no information. 
  • We shall schedule our TUESDAY work tomorrow. 
  • Tasneem - I know that it is very difficult for you to come on weekdays. But since this is a little different thing - will it be possible to meet me on Tuesday any time between 8 am and 5 pm? [Just a fresh reminder that I will be absent from class on Wed+Thu+Fri]
  • I will expect Afsara and Adib to arrange a meeting with me any time on Tuesday. 
  • Afsara, I hope you will work on MATH from Stressbook and SAT 2400 - I want you to report by tomorrow by 8.00 am.
  • Zereen will also report on this day - I am still waiting for more reports on some heavy items.
Attention for ALL:
  • You MUST understand that sending reading reports will IMPROVE your relationship with ANGLOPHILES. Extensive reading will only increase your chances of writing TOP Quality Essays

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