Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Important Notice to ALL

I am very satisfied to have been able to assign a few THEMED reading assignments in the last 4 days. This is to inform everyone that the following students are now expected to keep working at their chosen ares. If you are yet to be assigned any work - talk to me immediately.

Oni (All that is to Kazuo Ishiguro)
Rashif (Ashwin Sanghi - and everything related to Arthashashtrya)
Afsara (I would add two more to Adiga's novel)
Raisa (Everything about Nabokov and Azar Nafisi)
Rafiuzzman (Works assigned)
Era (Should develop research topic)
Fahim (More to be added because you have finished the last one)
Khairul (Has been assigned with work - not working to my satisfaction)
Rakeen (Works assigned - extremely slow progress)
Rakibul (Assigned with works - inefficient way of working - yet to convince me of your METHOD)
Saiti (Assigned with works - working on several items without much success - Paris 1935 is exception.)
Sowmma (Too much emotional engagement with texts assigned)
Tapojit (Given some tasks - decided that we shall make use of Tractatus)
Tasneem (Given some tasks - I have agreed to your latest research-essay plan - but I shall also include a new ITEM for a further research paper)

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