Yesterday's Class - An Observation

Here is an observation from one of the 2 fresh entrants, who attended yesterday's evening session. 

Hello Sir,
Today's class was very informative, inspiring and interesting. It was informative because: I learned one of the most important things regarding the application, that is, mere SAT scores and high school grades do not confirm my acceptance in a particular University. Rather, the essays are ticket to my destination. Nevertheless, I should not completely let go of my sat scores and grades. Today's class was inspiring because: most of your former students got into leading Universities which brewed this strange determination that I can reach my goals too. Lastly, it was very interesting because: the students talked about their assignments which were captivating enough to crave for my own assignment. It was great to be a part of such a communicative class. 

Overall it was a very fruitful class where I managed to pick up important life lessons about being respectful and sincere. It will act as a constant reminder to work much harder and not to lose track of my set goals. 

Thank you. 


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