Monday, October 20, 2014

Personal Statement - 10 Pages Mandatory - Task for Prachy

10 page personal statement is mandatory for everyone - by today midnight. 

Prachy, who is currently having a middle-eastern holiday with a formidable encounter with a highly misrepresented culture in the western media, is required to send me a huge report based on her first few days there. The report must be full of excitement, fun, openness, and of course, insight. I would also love to have some postage-stamps / postcards for our class. 


  1. Yeah i quite agree with above, i'm intending to do theology and am struggling with writing my personal statement, any help on this would be brill!

  2. Angela,
    Thank you so much for the comment. I saw you post late, hence this late reply. I would love to exchange a few do-s and don't-s for the Personal Statement. In fact, I use this 10 page long personal history improve the applicant's engagement with written words. A lot of emotions will visit the writer and the writer attempts to solve these challenges - like someone trying to ride bicycle for the first time. In writing this - anything goes - plan, no-plan, truth, not-so-true, hide and seek, and very importantly, some less-remembered events of the past. The whole writing has a therapeutic effect - it improves storytelling, selection of information and struggle with "right kind" of words to express a thought.

    Thank you.


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