Friday, October 10, 2014

SAT - Tomorrow

Hello everyone. I must say that I had a good time with you in the last 3 months. I should also admit that my expectations were a little too unrealistic (if I am allowed to say so), and within this long-range 78% of you performed realistically. Of the 78%, a hefty 87% had been able to respond to my demand - although only 00.05% could maintain the level of aggressiveness in your works.

I am sure that in the coming weeks - this "aggressiveness" INDEX shall gain a proper height.

Give a GOOD SAT-I and SAT-II test tomorrow. 

And meet me on Sunday at 7.00 am.

Buy yourself 12 2B Pencils.

Does anyone have any idea on whereabouts of Tapo? Has he been lost to the elements? 

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