The "Made It" Syndrome - Adnan just mailed it today

Hello sir,

What I realized and still realizing is that, no one should say "Ah! Made it" after getting past a difficult task, but should rather say "Let's do it again". After completing a difficult course, like SAT or a difficult task like applications, students tend to think that that's the end of their journey, they have found heaven! This attitude always keeps them in low spirits all along the way and they think that their only goal is to somehow make it to the shore and that's all. Indeed, what students suffer during SAT, it is almost compared to slogging for university level courses, especially engineering. Facing the higher mountains in university will turn people suicidal, that is, changing the major which they had chosen. On the other hand, if people become masters of whatever they need to learn, they will feel much more at ease. So, in case you do not stress on this, never let your students say "Made it", but make them say "Let's do it again". Tell them to continue training even after they have reached their goal. Everyone must become professionals and stay professionals.

Adnan Ahsan
Texas Tach University


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