Friday, November 21, 2014

A Day in Bangla Academy

It was a day with lot of young and enthusiastic people who came to a sparsely-trodden Bangla Academy ground. For those who are used to Ekushe Book Fair will surely see a new face of BA. I was accompanied by 3 of my home-reared cubs and met a wild number of class-reared children, many of whom look perfect in their prime. But alas - with only one exception of Shabbir - no one from the current was to found there. Shabbir looked perfectly at home - I loved watching him from a distance. Also met a large number of ex-Anglophilites. Let me recall their names [to check my memory as well]: Musarrat (ex- Grinnellian turned flutist), Alia (ex-Duke turned Artist and education advisor), Samira (ex-Grinnellian turned writer-cum-poet-cum-journalist), Preetha (ex-Hamiltonian turned Activist), Maliha (ex-AIUB turned writer & dancer), Esha (ex-NSU turned Sr. publication manager at Bengal Foundation), Sabah (ex-AIUB turned development-Economist), and 3 other names I can't recall! But they were so, so, so generous to engage in tête-à-tête as if there is no hurry to meet all those friends who were there spread around the seductive lawn. 

Right - HAY is a corporate product. But you need not ditch it before you taste the flavor. I do not see the reason why EVERY ONE of you should NOT go tomorrow - it starts at 8.45 am. It is still possible to rescue a frozen reputation - go and attend the whole day!

I am going to work at home all-day-tomorrow on ALL the PENDING works I posted earlier. 

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