Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A report from Dearest Zareen - upon Watching QUEEN


I know I have not messaged in a long time but i have been doing mocks, reading and practicing math. Today i finally watched Queen and here is my report on it:

Queen is a movie which embodies the saying of "a blessing in disguise". A simple Indian girl named Rani finds herself on a path to self-discovery after her heart is crushed by her fiancée who breaks off their wedding. She finds herself morphing into somebody that opposes her culture as well as upbringing and begins to become a new version of herself. 

Rani changes drastically from the beginning to the end of the film but by the end I can still feel that she is herself. Even though she has become different she is still who she is and instead of totally reinventing herself she has changed her outlook on life. She proves that no one can use their own culture as an excuse to not be who they want to be. She shows that independence is necessary and you can't continuously let other people support you. Rani proves that everyone needs to be their own person and not let others run the way they live. Other characters in the film like Vijaylaxmi and Roxette show that people's sense of right and wrong are warped. Life is not white or black and instead people live as different shades of grey. Their occupations or habits do not define who they are as people, though society assumes it does. 

Another thing the film showed me is how strangers can connect even when it's hard for them to communicate. We rely on language to explain ourselves fully to others and of course it is important and necessary but actions hold a strong power as well. Actions and gestures can sometimes speak louder than any spoken words and friendships can be made without constant communication. In this movie this is beautifully proven through Rani's friendships with unlikely people. What is even more amazing is she finds these connections through just being herself and how these bonds grow as she does. Lastly this movie has proved to me, not everyone is who they appear to be. Not even we can know our true strength and potential unless we test it. If we want to grow we need to take chances and leaps of faith or else we will never change. It could turn out terribly wrong but there's also the chance that something truly spectacular will happen and the only question is, are you willing to take that risk?

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