Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Work Today - Tomorrow - Day After

As you are fully aware that SAT-II preparation has already started. Only Shafat and Rafiuzzaman are appearing SAT-I exam. Yesterday we all sat to discuss some EXTREMELY crucial issues regarding Application to the Univ/Colleges. One such crucial information was regarding the deadlines, and how the colleges treat the Deadline Issue.

I am satisfied to say - I see the prospect of sending 2 more ED by 15th November - but those who are planning to apply to top universities they will be discouraged to apply ED.

At the same time I would appreciate it very much if ALL of you send me your latest progress report with SAT-II. You must remember that SAT-II scores will be FAR more important than SAT-I.

Please regulate your Eating and Sleeping time so that you do not have any physical stress on the morning of Saturday. 

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