I am at WORK right NOW

  1. All I want is that you work with LOVE and Emotion. Nothing else matters. And keep an eye on human capacity to do EVIL - but you need not 'articulate the ill'.
  2. Add 2 things to your Activity list that you have always wanted.
  3. Keep at least 3 poems open before you. 
  4. Common App Essay should have three qualities - Easy-to-read, Witty, EMOTIONAL
  5. A 2-day International Conference TODAY at 10 am at the Faculty of Social Studies at Dhaka University - Reference - Page 5 of Prothom Alo.  
  6. Imp Note: Yesterday I left you for 2.5 hours and when I returned ONLY one fresh essay was presented for review. TOMORROW I shall ONLY sit with those who will send me 3 FRESH Essays based on Rule-1 above.


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