Last POST before the Submissions: MOST SIGNIFICANT Disclaimer in 2014

  1. Today the essays and supplements are FAR more complex and DEVELOPED than ever ANYONE IN THE CLASS has conceived.
  2. Every line and every sentence contain trace of ANGLOPHILES signature thoughts.
  3. SO, I have done my job approximately well.
  4. MY WOW language is intended for those moments where my students FAIL to produce their OWN Voice. In the last 3 months I have FOUGHT and waged WAR with the sterile attitude of my students who consistently refused to work on anything that does NOT represent their own PREJUDICE.
  5. After this 3 months I am able to say that the 2014 batch of Anglophiles are far ahead of other students ANYWHERE - this particular PURITANICAL process has again proved to be very EFFECTIVE.
Regarding the ABOVE points - it is no longer needed for me to make SUBSTANTIAL changes to the drafts - because the drafts contain ALL the things I have wanted my students to incorporate. My job will be to make sure that there is NO extensive ERROR in the essays.


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