Monday, January 19, 2015

A Sample Supplement Essay - WHY College

Here is a smart way of telling the College Admission Office that you have researched well into their programs. This is the opening of a Why College Essay. It dates from 2007 and I believe that it is still very fresh and novel in its approach. This can also be used as a template for WHY Major.

In January 2007, a group of Mount Holyokers embarked on a voyage on the Caribbean Sea to learn the basic trades of nineteenth century seamanship. Students were given the chance to learn first-hand the intricacies of navigation and the harshness of ship maintenance. To me, it was a journey towards wisdom- one not acquired through passive learning but one gained through experiencing and eagerly delving into the new. I am struck by this MHC spirit of emulating the motto of ‘going where no one will go and doing what no one will do’ in every facet of learning. Starting with the academic coursework at MHC, I have seen a perfectly balanced amalgamation of research and practical application.

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